About Me

Mandy Mellar, co-active coach and founder of advance coaching

I completed an ICF accredited coaching certification course at the New Zealand Institute of Coaching in 2021.

Completing this coaching training helped me fulfil my lifelong ambition of supporting people on their own journeys towards achieving their goals and discovering their joyful purpose in life. 

I draw on my own past experiences and opportunities for growth and development to bring understanding, empathy, wisdom, and compassion in all my coaching pursuits.

I am currently and have been in senior executive roles for the past fifteen years with blue chip corporate companies. Prior to that, I started my own business which I then successfully sold, in the midst of starting a family.

I have had the opportunity to mentor youths with the Graeme Dingle Foundation which was extremely rewarding, especially as I am still able to keep in touch with them today and keep up to date with their life journeys.

I have completed Mindfulness courses which I found to be complimentary to my dream of coaching others to success. I have utilised these skills successfully whilst employed. I navigated the challenge of completing a degree in business with The University of Auckland. I was able to finish my degree whilst raising my two amazing daughters as a single parent and working full-time. During this time, I learned the valuable skill of maintaining work life balance by making sure I made time for my hobbies such as motor biking, surfing, reading and hiking in our forests.

I have spoken proudly at a Women in Leadership conference alongside some other amazing leading ladies of New Zealand business. I spoke about the merits of listening, with a big focus on how to be heard in the boardroom.

More recently, I was met with a slightly different and certainly unexpected challenge. In January 2022, I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia. Whilst I still believe I am on a journey with this cancer, I, and my family, have learned so many lessons in resilience, staying positive and having hope.

I believe with my diverse background and experience, I can help you take the reins on your own journey, create a life path that you are excited about and help achieve all the milestones along your path.

“At the core of every one of us is the innate fear of change, but also the unshakeable desire to transform ourselves. The struggle involved in fulfilling our true potential, discovering our purpose, and moving forward often leads to an imbalance – a feeling of, well, stuckness! Drawing on my own transformative personal and professional experiences, my training and credentials as a co-active coach, and my deep desire to truly nurture and support my clients as they turn self-doubt into supercharged self-belief – I want to take this journey with you! I’m passionate about helping people become the best versions of themselves by being kind, supportive and intuitive.”

– Mandy Mellar, Co-Active Coach and founder of Advance Coaching.

What sets me apart?

My innate interest in people.

My sincere desire to facilitate change and growth.

My balanced and non-judgemental approach.

My ability to truly listen and find practical solutions to solving problems and moving forward.

My knack of asking the powerful, sometimes difficult questions that lead to meaningful discoveries and concrete steps towards success.

My skill in creating a calm, supportive and caring environment in which to work with my client in building strategies to identify issues and find practical solutions to these problems.


Mentoring others on their path towards living a richly rewarding professional and personal life gives me immense satisfaction – there is no better feeling in the world than seeing my clients discover, and then revel, in their newfound sense of self-belief and purpose.

Their joy is my joy!

I offer a complimentary no obligation 30-minute introductory call. We’ll identify what outcome you want from our coaching partnership and establish if we’re a good fit.

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